Best season to visit Japan

Definitely This Is The Best Season To Visit Japan

With a fast changing climatology and unpredictable weather, many have regarded Japan as a difficult country to visit. But when exactly is it the best time to visit this beautiful country?

The colder months, December to February, are less appealing to most visitors which can make traveling at these times cheaper. As well as being less crowded and costing less, many of Japan’s highlights are even better in the winter months.

Best season to visit Japan

Spring would probably be the best time

The most famous and popular time to visit Japan is during spring to see the magical sight of the cherry blossoms in bloom. As it is a natural event, the dates of blooming change according to weather conditions each year. The trees start to blossom in the warmer south in late March and peak about a week after blooming. Within two weeks the blossoms start to fall from the trees. In the cooler regions the blossoming begins later and in chilly Sapporo it doesn’t begin until early May.

Want to see the trees blossom?The best time to see blossoms in Tokyo or Kyoto would most likely be the last week of March or the first week of April. If the trees are not blooming, you may be able to travel elsewhere in Japan to catch the season there.  As it is a very busy time to visit Japan you will need to plan your visit well in advance.

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